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Collab Portal has been upgraded

The Subspine Online Collaboration Portal has had a major upgrade from software version 7.1.6 to 9.0.2.

The expected downtime was supposed to last from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd however due to unforeseen circumstances, the maintenance window had to be extended to Wednesday 26th.

Major changes and new features:

Embed audio in forum posts, downloads and projects.

Members now can embed audio files directly on forum posts by either uploading mp3 files as attachments or by posting plain URLs for external mp3 files.

An optional field was added to the Downloads where members can upload an mp3 file that is related to the download in question.

Members can also upload an mp3 file as an attachment to be embedded on a new project.

Please be advised that in order to play mp3 files that were embedded as attachments, you need the QuickTime plugin installed on your browser.

Stronger link between content and forum.

The collab forum has been improved so that when a member adds a new download entry or starts a new project entry, a forum topic is automatically added to the collab forum without the need to add a comment to the entry first. This avoids confusion and duplicate topics.

Improved downloads and project monitoring.

Members now have the option to be notified of any changes or new comments on specific downloads,  download folders and projects.

Improved file uploader.

Built on HTML5 instead of flash. More reliable.

Display a link to a member's downloads on their profile.

After creating a folder under the Downloads Section, members can edit their profile and link their folder under the "My Downloads" field. This means less clicks and less time spent searching for specific member's files.

3rd party integration

Soundcloud links can now be embedded into forum posts via custom comcode tag.
You can also embed your stats via a widget in forum posts or profile using a custom comcode block.

Community Calendar

A shared Calendar has been added so members can mark and establish deadlines for project submissions, set release dates, events and etc.

Please check our updated FAQ for more info on some of the new features.

As always, if you find any problems or come across any errors, please notify the staff via a support ticket or post in the

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Help Forum  if you have any questions.