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30+ dead in Oakland party fire


The "Ghost Ship" was a 9,000 foot warehouse full of hand-built wood structures not in compliance with fire code.  A fire broke out at an electronic music party.  Many people were unable to get out because of the crazy layout.  Many are still listed as 'missing' because the structure is so hard to investigate. It seems for sure that over 30 died.  

It was a live/work artist space and they hosted lots of rave type events.  It might involve anyone in that Bay Area music scene. So many people are affected.  A few forum friends (who aren't active now) like Cory know someone who died - I saw Cory post that 4 people he knew are dead/missing. The closest school to there is where my friend teaches, and they are even saying some of the school's kids were there.  I'm acquainted with a DJ who was outside when the fire started.
Industrial-techno artist Obsidian Blade "remains missing after entering the building"

Them Are Us Too's Cash Askew Among the Confirmed Dead in Oakland Fire | Pitchfork
Them Are Us Too's Cash Askew Among the Confirmed Dead in Oakland Fire

Both members missing from Introflirt - band I really liked seeing. Introflirt | Facebook

Photos of the place and video of a techno show there, notice the Coil shirt.
Pre-Fire Photos From Inside Oakland's 'Ghost Ship' Collective, Which Was Cited Two Weeks Ago By Building Inspectors: SFist

They say 100 or more people were in there but it could have been much more, if the party had been listed right - someone put a Street instead of Ave address on the promotion.

I'm sure there will be a crackdown on artist spaces and shows now.  Too bad.  A lot of people want to lynch the guy who ran the space, he posted some insensitive thing on Facebook about losing his stuff. There are rumors that he laughed at codes and was a tweaker. I had a friend who considered moving in there several years ago and he said he reconsidered because the guy gave him that impression.  That is just rumor.  But I do agree that this isn't just some irresponsibility, it's because shit is way too expensive for artists and culture, and people are pushed out to illegal spaces.
Housing Crisis, Not Ravers, Is Responsible For the Oakland Fire - Wear Your Voice

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TL;DR this is really sad and awful for the dark/synth and entire music and art scene :(

Much more here
33 dead at warehouse party fire in Oakland – community mourns, fears backlash. | Dogpatch Press
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Yeah I saw that on the news. Tragic indeed :(

I knew someone from here lived in Oakland but couldn't remember who.

I also read that the investigation may bring charges of criminal negligence due to the reports of the warehouse being a "death-trap".

This will definitely impact indie and underground events over there with crackdowns and what not and it's a pity really because apparently the reason the organizers took risks running these parties in unsafe locations is because housing is so absurdly expensive over there and there doesn't seem to have any city or state sponsored initiative to help these events happen in a safe manner so the natural response of course is to ban it.

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